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The Ghana Philanthropy Forum is a Philanthropy Support organization dedicated to promoting Philanthropy in all its forms. We promote the concept of community philanthropy, impact investment, venture philanthropy and emerging forms of social investments. Our work ensures visibility and amplifies the work of third sector organizations in Ghana and within the West-African Sub-region. Our goal is to focus on those efforts that have the greatest potential for transforming the way individuals and entities engage in domestic philanthropy. We are a gateway to African Philanthropy within the sub-region.

Our reach extends beyond capitals to areas where social financing vehicles often have neither a presence. Philanthropic groups and Development partners, which mostly have very limited regional operations, have leveraged GPF’s network to access national and regional stakeholders.
Finally, GPF is a privilege to have a broad convening capacity to gather organizations and key stakeholders from around the country and region to reflect on humanitarian issues.

Overarching Goals

Contribute to increasing the quantum and scope (VOLUME) of philanthropy

Generate better knowledge of the scope of philanthropy in Ghana by encouraging strategic Philanthropy

Build skillsets of Community Philanthropy entities

Increase collaborative engagements with other Philanthropic organizations

Improve the ability of philanthropy to influence policy

Generate public support and engagement for philanthropy

Encourage greater transparency of philanthropic practices, particularly with respect to governance and financial accountability.

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The legal definition of a charitable organization varies between countries and in some instances regions of the country.

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#1 Elim House. 
Spintex Road
Accra-West Africa